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Piano Relocation Service

Piano Relocation Service

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Transporting a piano requires proper skill, equipment  and technique to avoid damage and injury.

Our piano moving services are done by professionally trained movers.

We take the time to pad and protect your musical instrument during the relocation process.

Do we fully disassemble, place, and reassemble? ABSOLUTELY !!!

  • Concert grand piano, 9 feet in length:  these are the largest pianos available and can weigh over 1,000 pounds. With concert grands and most pianos, it is necessary to remove components such as the lid and tuning pedals and properly pack them before moving. Starting @$425

  • Grand piano, 7 feet in length . Starting @ $375

  • Baby grand piano, typically 5–6 feet in length: Starting @$275

  • Upright piano, 4 feet or taller: Starting @$275

  • Studio piano, approximately 45 inches tall: Starting @$225

  • Spinet or console piano: Starting @$185

                                             *Add $50 per flight of steps*


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